At NDB we have a wealth of experience in cleaning educational facilities and schools. Working with and around vulnerable groups such as children has a safeguarding concern, so we ensure that all of our cleaners are CRB checked as a matter of course to provide the safety and integrity that our educational clients expect. As an experienced company, we understand the distinct needs of cleaning school settings, and have adopted core techniques to ensure that we always and consistently meet the kind of cleaning standards required. For example at NDB we operate a coded-cloth system, using colour coded microfiber cloths for each area to ensure that minimum cross contamination occurs across the premises. Working in inner city and urbanised areas, we appreciate the concern of air pollution and its distinct links to childhood respiratory and asthmatic conditions, so have adopted the policy of using state of the art vacuum cleaners that have a better filtration and therefore less dust particles are thrown out in to the atmosphere. We also use specifically designed commercial use mops that cover a larger expanse of floor area when cleaning to maximise efficiency. At NDB we also appreciate that as an educational facility be it public or state provided, there will be cost savings to be had so offer a variety of options to help, such as using a larger team size over a shorter period of time and helping to work out the best cost effective cleaning rota for your premises without compromising on quality. As a school or educational facility you can be confident in relying on us for your cleaning needs, knowing that your premises is safe and hygienic in our hands.