Floor Care

At NDB cleaning services, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in cleaning floors of all kinds and sizes for a range of clientele. We have not only developed a skillset amongst our staff to undertake technically complex floor cleaning jobs but also the tools, techniques and products. We have over the years researched and trialled a range of equipment and products for a variety of surfaces and floorings to help build the right toolkit for the right surface. This way our clients can be confident that whatever kind of flooring they have we at NDB cleaning services are able to undertake the job fully and thoroughly whilst protecting the flooring itself. From timber-based laminate to natural wood parquet flooring, we have the right oil based products and waxes to polish and smooth the surface whilst ensuring a slip-free finish. We have the right machinery to deep clean grouted tiled flooring without the harshness that may damage the surface.

Equally, we can undertake deep or surface cleaning of soft flooring; from rug cleaning to full carpet shampooing. We have a range of chemical products that work for different carpet types and will always advise you on the right technique or if cleaning is not recommended for a particular surface.

In addition to the specialist floor care we provide standard floor cleaning services from standard to heavy duty vacuuming, end of build floor clearance and dust elimination, general mopping and stain removal where possible, sweeping and skirting board cleaning. Whether our clients are looking for regular floor maintenance or specialist one-off floor care we at NDB can provide the right products and cleaning that gives excellent results and ensures your flooring is protected.