NDB cleaning services have a solid reputation in cleaning hotels, public houses, bars, restaurants and other hospitality establishments; always delivering excellent quality results. Our clients rate us for our ability to undertake extensive and high quality cleaning in busy hospitality premises without disrupting or obstructing the smooth running of the business.

We understand the requirements of food hygiene and recreational hygiene and so incorporate these into our working techniques and methods when cleaning in hospitality settings. We use heavy duty cleaning products and mops to clean high volume areas and pay attention to detail when polishing and dusting the fixtures and embellishments of establishments, as we understand that these are the elements that make our clients’ hotel, restaurant or bar the aesthetically pleasing and relaxing atmosphere that their customers expect. We use special purpose vacuum cleaners that have excellent filtration systems to minimise dust backing out in to the atmosphere as well as microfiber cloths for optimum hygiene and minimal cross contamination. In food preparation or food serving areas, our staff are trained to manage surface cleansing and bacterial cross contamination with rigour and expertise.

Whatever the level of cleaning required, from kitchen, washroom, lounge facilities, restaurant areas, solid floor cleaning or soft furnishing cleaning, our experienced and qualified staff are able and trained to undertake the task at hand. We will always sit with our clients initially to fully discuss and understand their cleaning needs and work out a rota and criteria that meets all requirements and standards as well as works with their business operating processes and hours to fit seamlessly into their business operational management regime.