At NDB we have extensive experience in undertaking cleaning projects across leisure buildings and premises. Sports facilities, spas and gyms are among our portfolio of previous clientele and they not only trust in our skills and abilities as high quality cleaning experts but also advocate our excellent customer service.

When it comes to gyms and leisure facilities, we understand the utmost importance of hygiene and cleanliness in ensuring that all areas are kept thoroughly clean at all times. The importance of this is twofold, firstly to ensure hygienic practice and transition between clients for their health and safety and for the health and safety of staff, but secondly the cleanliness of such establishments is paramount to the reputation and ultimately profitability of such businesses. So we use the right products, tools and techniques to ensure that the premises are kept in pristine condition. We prevent cross contamination and bacterial spread by having a single area use cloth policy and use the most effective and appropriate chemical-based products to clean equipment in order to eliminate the remnants and impact of sweat.

As well as the gym or sports areas, we will also thoroughly clean changing rooms, locker areas, toilets and shower cubicles. These areas are cleaned with absolute precision and most frequently as they are prime areas for bacterial build up due to the sanitary environment and high footfall. We also observe proper signage protocols during cleaning to ensure any slips and trips are prevented. To further avoid this we use mopping techniques that reduce the level of surface moisture on the ground for the minimum level of time.

For the safety and security of our clients and their customers as well as for our quality of provision and high standards, we ensure that our staff are not only skilled and trained but also that our cleaners are fully CRB checked as they will be working in areas likely to be frequented by children and vulnerable groups as well as areas holding valuables and personal belongings. So you as our client can be confident and assured that when you contract NDB for cleaning solutions, you are not just getting quality outcomes but trustworthy and reliable individuals.