We at NDB have undertaken a wide range of cleaning in clinical and medical premises across London and the Home Counties for many years. This has earned us the reputation of excellence that we have in providing cleaning services for such environments. We draw on our experience of end of build cleaning for many medical institutions and our understanding of regulatory cleaning standards for health environments and how important the thorough and professional cleaning of these areas are.

More so than any other kind of environment, the clinical and medical is a complex one that requires sterile precision, rigour and meticulous attention to detail in order to ensure that bacterial infection is reduced, cross contamination is eliminated and the risk of viral infections is minimised through proper cleaning regimes. That is why our NDB staff wear full protective clothing to avoid spreading viruses and follow both our ethical codes of practice as well as our clients regulated and stipulated cleaning standards. We use appropriate chemical products to disinfect and hygienically cleanse surfaces to reduce risk and use materials designed to contain and eliminate bacterial spread. We understand that the Care Quality Commission undertake scrupulous monitoring of cleaning in hospital and healthcare environments and take the time with our clients to fully verse ourselves with the right level of cleaning required for their premises.

Whilst we monitor and audit our own standards of practice, we will also work with our medical clients and help them to prepare and take stock before any board or CQC inspection, be it hospital, clinic or dentistry premises. We understand that as a healthcare provider, our clients have a position of trust and respect and we honour that in our partnering with them.