Office cleaning has been one of our prime services over the years and so we have learnt to deliver an office cleaning service that is simply second to none. At NDB, we understand office environments, be they public buildings, private commercial offices or part of larger outlets, such as warehouses or car show rooms. We have developed techniques and processes to ensure that our office cleaning service is flexible, adaptable, cost effective and minimally disruptive to the office environment we are working in. At NDB we also take the time at the very start of a contract to fully understand how our clients’ offices work and what needs to happen to ensure that these processes continue and are enabled through optimum cleaning.

We appreciate offices are high density environments with heavy footfall and so use specially designed microfiber cloths which prevent cross contamination of bacteria between surfaces and areas. We also pay a great attention to detail on and round office furniture, to ensure a thorough clean, from high-touch areas such as water coolers, photocopy areas and doors, lift interiors and handrails, to the inside of waste bins. For every new contracted office cleaning project and for every new team member a full induction is carried out on premises before any work begins so that staff are aware of the expectation in terms of quality and timescales. To ensure compliance with this we at NDB take our supervision and monitoring processes very seriously and undertake regular checks to ensure standards and find ways to improve.

In less conventional office environments, such as car showrooms, we not only provide the full office cleaning service but also make your showroom the pristine environment it needs to be to ensure vehicles stand out in the best possible light. Our showroom cleaning services includes general dusting, mopping, janitorial services furniture cleaning, washroom cleaning and solid floor cleaning. We can also adjust and adapt our provision according to your needs. And like our general office cleaning provision we undertake disinfecting of frequently used areas such as desks, surfaces, computer hardware, phones, printer-copiers and fax machines.

And our office cleaning services also extend to non-office areas, such as wash facilities, restrooms, common break out areas, conference rooms, lounges and reception areas, with both soft flooring cleaning and solid floor cleaning.

At NDB cleaning services, we understand that an office cleaning provision is not simply about a clean and hygienic environment, but plays a big part on the comfort, motivation, job satisfaction and therefore productiveness of staff, and so take our role in ensuring your team dynamism seriously.

NDB Cleaning Services understands the importance of professional image and reputation as well as concerns of safety and integrity; therefore our highly qualified background checked experienced professionals have been reputed by the industry for their office cleaning services.