Public Services

At NDB we have a great deal of knowledge and experience in cleaning public service premises, from council owned communal grounds, libraries and care facilities to departmental offices. We consider ourselves not just a contractor offering a cleaning service for them, but as a partnership working with them to deliver a quality public service and putting tax-payers money to the best use as efficiently as possible. We also recognise that these kinds of premises are often tightly regulated by regulatory and quality assurance bodies and so work with our clients to not only plan a cleaning regime but to ensure that it meets all standards and criteria it needs to fulfil its statutory obligations.

When we are contracted to clean a premises, we ensure it is thorough, and so will undertake tidying as well as cleaning, including refuse emptying and bin cleaning, floor cleaning, dusting of low and high areas, toilet and sanitary area cleansing, kitchen cleaning and glass polishing. For us at NDB a cleaning job is one that is full and complete, and that is the work ethic and philosophy we instil in our staff.

We recognise the kind of equipment and tools needed to undertake heavy duty commercial cleaning in such busy public areas and so ensure that our staff are fully equipped and trained in using the right tools to ensure minimum disruption and minimum risk whilst maintaining an excellent outcome. Whether we are required to undertake a one-off deep cleaning project or a long term cleaning contract our attention to detail and dedication to meticulous cleaning is consistent. This is why NDB have been a cleaning contractor of choice for so many public service providers.