Religious Institutes

At NDB our cleaning services extend to religious institutes and buildings of all sizes and denominations. We have extensive experience in undertaking cleaning projects in a range of religious settings and work with the management of the premises to agree and establish the right cleaning programme and rota that works for them. We take the time to understand what times of day should be honoured as sacred and therefore protected from cleaning rotas and what times require extensive cleaning before-hand; such as before a religious ritual. We also try to establish which areas should not be touched by our cleaning staff due to religious sanctity and respect the orders and rituals stipulated by the client.

Our staff are experienced in cleaning the many delicate fixtures and fitting that often feature in many religious institutions and ate trained in adapting cleaning techniques to ensure every fixture is cleaned in the proper manner, without damaging the item. We understand that many fixtures and fittings in churches and other religious buildings are delicate and made from a variety of different or unusual materials and so we ensure we discuss the best form of cleaning to be undertaken when on site on our initial brief.

Our experience of working with listed buildings means we are adept at cleaning aged surfaces and working with high structures, ceilings and windows. We have state of the art window cleaning devices to access high level windows in all areas.

Above all else, NDB understand and respect the sacred and personal nature of a religious building and will respect any traditions and rituals, from removing shoes and wearing protective foot coverings, covering the head or simply maintaining a respectful silence. Once we establish these practices in our initial discussions and briefings with the client, rest assured our staff will follow suit.