We at NDB understand the heavy footfall and throughput experienced in a retail environment; making it susceptible to wear and tear as well as rapid deterioration if not well cleaned and maintained. In a profit making world, such circumstances can mean loss of reputation, loss of custom and of course loss of profits. So our thorough and meticulous attention to detail when cleaning retail premises is primarily aimed at continuing to enable our clients’ products to shine in a spotless surrounding. The cleanliness of a retail outlet is indeed part of a marketing strategy itself; it engenders confidence and trust in a product and in a company. We at NDB recognise this, and our qualified and experienced staff use quality products and techniques to clean and maintain the surroundings to its best. Our ability to work with efficiency and timeliness around opening hours and other key store activity means that your business doesn’t stop to wait for cleaning; the cleaning seamlessly happens to enable your business to run the way it should. Our staff do not only undertake the required cleaning tasks as per contracted but will recognise where other attention may be needed and are able to advise and support you as a business in improving other areas of the premises, through helpful suggestions.

Ultimately, our clients are at the heart of our service, so we will always take the time to sit with you and listen to what you as a retailer need from your cleaning services in order to deliver to and exceed levels of satisfaction.